Subway Station: MTR Yau Ma Tei

MTR Yau Ma Tei Map and Nearby Attractions

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Broadway Cinematheque

Broadway Cinematheque (CN: 百老匯電影中心) located in Yau Ma Tei is the premiere destination in Hong Kong for indie films and art-house cinema. They also play mainstream films and host regular film festivals. You can...

Yau Ma Tei Theatre

Yau Ma Tei Theatre (CN: 油麻地戲院) was a cinema built in 1930 and is listed as a historic building reopening as a venue dedicated to Cantonese opera. The venue is open from 1pm – 8pm...

Trendy Zone

Behind its not so glamorous exterior hides an enclave of stalls and stores selling hip youth fashion and streetwear. The range is diverse include all types of fashion accessories and clothing including hats, shoes, t-shirts,...