Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple

Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple was built in 1901 and later expanded. It is currently being redeveloped and they are seeking new funds to further expand the work they continue to do in the Hong Kong community more here.

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The Gurudwara was built in 1901 by local Sikhs, including soldiers from the British Army, with the intent of providing religious, social, practical and cohesive support to Sikhs in Hong Kong. Many Sikhs on their way to immigrate to Canada, in what later became the Komagata Maru incident, slept in the Gurudwara and prayed there before boarding the ship in 1914. In the 1930s, with an increase in the size of the local Sikh community, the Gurudwara was extended and rebuilt. It was bombed twice during World War II, suffering extensive damage that killed the Gurudwara Granthi, Bhai Nand Singh. The damaged parts of the Gurudwara were rebuilt after the war by the community, with the assistance of Sindhi Hindus who immigrated to Hong Kong in large numbers due to the Partition. The Gurudwara was again extended in the 1980s, and linked to Queens’ Road East by a covered bridge, which provides easy access for the devotees.

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