Guangzhou–Kowloon Through Train

The Guangzhou–Kowloon through train (广九直通车 or 港穗直通车) is an inter-city railway service between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Services depart from Hung Hom Station in Kowloon, Hong Kong and cross the border stopping at Changping Railway Station (Dongguan), Guangzhou East Railway Station, and Foshan Railway Station. Twelve trains run in each direction every day with only one daily service heading to/from Foshan.

Guangzhou East Railway Station is located in central Guangzhou and is connected to the GZ Metro line 3.

The journey from Hong Kong to Guangzhou takes 120 minutes and costs 210 HKD with a premium class ticket available on selected trains (KTT) that cost 250 HKD.

KTT trains are managed by the HK MTR group and are double-decker trains that offer a premium class service. There are three KTT services daily with the other nine services being the single deck trains.

You are of course required to have a passport and valid Chinese Visa, you will exit Hong Kong through immigration at Hung Hom Station and pass through mainland immigration at your departure station.

The single deck trains have power sockets for charging while on the KTT double-decker trains they offer the use of power banks. WiFi is also available although you will need a mobile number to receive a text msg so as to register.

You can buy tickets at the station, online, or via a travel agent.

Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train Schedules

Hung Hom > Changping/Guangzhou East (Northbound)
Train No. Time Schedule
Depart Hung Hom Arrive Changping Arrive Guangzhou East
Z812 07:25 08:37 09:24
Z824 (Ktt) 08:15 09:25 10:12
Z820 09:24 10:36 11:23
Z804 10:52 12:04 12:51
Z808 11:32 13:26
Z814 12:23 14:17
Z826 (Ktt) 13:11 14:21 15:08
Z818 14:32 15:44 16:31
Z810 16:35 17:47 18:34
Z828 (Ktt) 18:00 19:10 19:57
Z816 18:44 19:56 20:43
Z802 20:01 21:13 22:00
Guangzhou East/Changping > Hung Hom (Southbound)
Train No. Time Schedule
Depart Guangzhou East Depart Changping Arrive Hung Hom
Z801 08:19 09:03 10:17
Z807 09:04 09:48 11:02
Z813 09:55 10:39 11:53
Z823 (Ktt) 10:37 11:21 12:33
Z817 12:03 13:56
Z809 14:04 14:48 16:02
Z825 (Ktt) 15:38 16:22 17:34
Z815 16:14 16:58 18:12
Z803 17:33 18:17 19:31
Z819 18:20 19:04 20:18
Z827 (Ktt) 20:30 21:14 22:26
Z811 21:32 23:25


Foshan-Kowloon Through Train

Hung Hom > Changping/Guangzhou East/Foshan (Northbound)
Train No. Time Schedule
Depart Hung Hom Arrive Changping Arrive Guangzhou East Arrive Foshan
Z804 10:52 12:04 12:51 13:50
Foshan/Guangzhou East /Changping > Hung Hom (Southbound)
Train No. Time Schedule
Depart Foshan Depart Guangzhou East Depart Changping Arrive Hung Hom
Z806/3* 16:10 17:33 18:17 19:31

* Z803 runs from Guangzhou East/Changping to Hung Hom; Z806 runs from Foshan to Hung Hom.


First class seats

KTT premium class seats


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