Ching Chung Koon

Ching Chung Koon temple (CN: 青松觀), or Green Pine Monastery, is a beautiful Taoist temple located in Tuen Mun. The temple, dedicated to Lu Sun Young, was built in 1949 and is still a functioning Taoist centre to this day. The temple also houses ancient lanterns that were gifts from Beijing’s Forbidden City. The garden features ponds with many shrubs and a large collection of Bonsai trees. There is also a vegetarian restaurant here which is open Mon-Sun 11:30am-4:30pm.

Nearby Ching Chung Koon

  • The shopping malls here are surprisingly well-stocked and vibrant with many brands and lots of eateries as they serve the mass of mainland customers that come to HK to stock up.
  • Tuen Mun Town Plaza – shopping mall
  • K Point – shopping mall
  • V City – shopping mall
  • Tuen Mun Park and Tuen Mun Park Reptile House


8 Tsing Chung Path, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

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