TMT Plaza + Trend Plaza and Kpoint at Teun Mun

Teun Mun is a long way away from all the buzz and action to be found in Central and Hong Kong although that doesn’t mean there isn’t some great places to do some shopping. It’s also a real great location for people coming over from the mainland who live at the southern end of Shenzhen like at Nanshan, Shekou and Bao’an.

If your’e heading to Hong Kong to stock up on western foods, or other imports not available on the mainland, or just seeking to save some money as many do, this place may be worth a visit. Rather going all the way to Louhu on the metro and then on the train to Sheung Shui, or further into Kowloon or Central, in under an hour you can be in Teun Mun. Cross the border at Shenzhen Wan Kou An and on the Hong Kong side the B3X bus takes you straight to the location of the three plazas.


TMT Plaza (Teun Mun Town Plaza), K Point and Trend Plaza are all located next to each other and joined by walkways giving the feeling they are all the same shopping center. TMT Plaza is the larger of the three. You can find a wide range of goods here ranging from fashion, beauty care, groceries through to electronics. Large well known chain stores include Jusco, Taste, Watsons, Mannings, Bonjour, Sasa, Zara, HM, UNI-QLO and many more.

The Taste supermarket (a ParknShop brand) on the top floor has some organics and lots of imported lines.

There are two major electronics retailers being Sunning Citicall and Broadway where you can find just about any gadget you could imagine. Theres loads of places to fill your stomach and even take home some specialty food products, or if you like just do the grocery shopping. For eating theres McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Maxims, MOS Burger and many cafes and Asian and Western resturants.

When you get tired of shopping and eating theres a UA movie cinema on the upper floor.

Address: 1 Tuen Shun Street, Tuen Mun, NT


Price: mid range retail

What can you get there: specialty foods, clothes, fashion, groceries, electronics, gadgets, beauty care

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