The East – on Queens Road East

Hungry? Looking for some fine dining, international leading chefs and global cuisine offerings? Well, this might be worth a look. It’s called ‘The East’ and it’s a fusion of the Hopewell Centre, QRE Plaza, Wu Chung House and GARDENEast to create an interconnected shopping and dining centre.


On the lower floor at the Hopewell Centre, you’ll find a Taste supermarket which features a deli and large range of baked goods, there’s Dymocks Books and Fitness First in the same building so you can get fat, get smart and then get fit. If your not into getting fit and would rather drive, no fear, there are showrooms for McLaren, Mercedes, Mini and Rolls Royce. If you cant buy a car, just hire one from Avis, there here too!

After zooming around in your new McLaren you can slow down in one of the several Spa’s, and on your way out grab some new furniture or appliances from Phillips, Vinvautz, Gilman, Rosieres and so on. By now you are probably hungry for sure, and that seems to be what this place is all about as it has a pretty impressive range of high quality western and eastern restaurants. Instead of laboriously typing out all the details, here’s a snap of the restaurant guide:


Address: The four buildings are located smack in the center of Queens Road East, Wan Chai. It’s a few minutes walk from A3 exit of Wan Chai Station.

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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