Golden Computer Arcade

Yes, Sham Shui Po is a little out of the way, but if you are into tech gear, then this is a must visit. Don’t expect a shiny mall with well-spoken staff in neatly pressed uniforms, this is a ramshackle come-as-you-are market, and that’s why it’s loved so much.

It’ not difficult to get to, take the Tseun Wan Line towards Tseun Wan and get off at Sham Shui Po MTR station after about a 20 min journey. Golden Computer Arcade fills up the basement and ground floor while Golden Shopping Centre occupies the 1st floor.

You can find everything here, parts, components, covers, cases, cables, connectors, pads, tablets, pc, screens, laptops, cameras, SD cards, USB sticks and everything related to consumer electronics.



Prices are generally marked but do haggle anyway, remember that there’s no real warranty unless you’re going to fly back to HK. Even then, it’s very much embedded into local culture that once the money has changed hands the deal is done, that said, Hong Kong is much better with customer service than the mainland. As for claims of international warranty on laptops and such, it’s a maybe. Be sure to get a receipt that states the serial numbers of the goods, the date and store details at a minimum.

Another tip, it’s really handy to have a smartphone with you and check prices against what you would pay in your own country as sometimes it may be more expensive indicating there’s haggling to be done. Another tip, a laptop may look cheap but be sure you are comparing apples with apples, laptop makers are often releasing different spec units under the same model number. It may look cheap, but when you take into account that it has less memory and/or lower quality video card then it’s not cheap at all.

You can also find lots of ps4 games and used x-box games, but do check your regions.

Popular shops include Centralfield in the Golden Shopping Centre, Capital in the Golden Computer Arcade and Comdex which has stores in both places.

There are also lots of repair shops here, so if you have a broken screen or something of the like, you should be able to get the parts and get it fitted all in one place on the same day if not within hours.


There’s also a lot more to check out in Sham Shui Po, such as Ap Liu used equipment street market and clothes wholesalers which we have covered here.


Address: Golden Building, 146-152 Fuk Wa St, Un Chau, Hong Kong

Hours: 11am to 10pm

Getting There: MTR Sham Shui Po Station and take exit D2 and walk towards Fuk Wah Street


146-152 Fuk Wa St, Un Chau, Hong Kong

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