The Top 10 Dim Sum (Yum Cha) Restaurants in HK

Dim Sum, or Yum Cha is a Cantonese classic, and it is definitely not to be missed on a journey to Hong Kong.

In a very traditional Cantonese teahouse, of a morning you’ll find families sitting around large tables, drinking tea, and picking from the range of freshly prepared items that are wheeled around on stainless steel trolleys. It’s very much part of Cantonese life.

The dishes are served on a small plate, or in a bamboo steamer and in many cases there are three or four big bite size portions per plate depending on the dish. It ranges from steam through to fried, meat to vegetable to pastry.

It would be incredibly rare to have anyone who could not find something they like. The larger the group of people the better, as the more dishes that can be ordered and shared between the group thus offering the full taste spectrum that the restaurant presents.

Today’s popular dim sum restaurants have evolved with the times of a fast-paced Hong Kong and become more of a cafe experience. Here are my picks for the top 10 examples of such offering great value and great taste.


The Top 10 Dim Sum Restaurants in Hong Kong


One Dim Sum is one of the best in HK, which will be confirmed by the lines of people waiting. Get in early and enjoy. Great value.

One Dim Sum 一点心(京华大厦店)
Av. per person spend 65HKD
Address: Playing Field Rd, Kenwood Mansion, Prince Edward 旺角/油麻地 太子运动场道15号京华大厦地铺1-2号


Dim Dim Sum has numerous stores across HK, focused on Dim Sum, and offering great value at an av. per person spend 64HKD. It’s very popular with locals. Here are four of their most popular stores.

Dim Dim Sum Jordan – 点点心点心专门店(佐敦店) 分店
Address: 26-28 Man Wui St, Jordan, Hong Kong – 旺角/油麻地 佐敦文英街文华楼23号地下

Dim Dim Sum Wan Chai – 点点心点心专门店(湾仔店) 分店
Address: 7 Tin Lok Ln, Bowrington, Hong Kong – 湾仔/铜锣湾 湾仔天乐里7号地下

Dim Dim Sum Mongkok -点点心点心专门店(旺角店) 分店
Address: 112 Tung Choi St  旺角/油麻地 香港通菜街112号

Dim Dim Sum Sha Tin 点点心点心专门店(沙田店) 分店
Address:  New Town Plaza, Shatin 沙田 香港沙田沙田车站围1号连城广场1楼108号


Chau Kee offers great value and they are renowned for their generous portions and toast offerings.

Chau Kee – 周記點心
Av. per person spend 53HKD
Address: Tung Lee Mansion, 地下 H1 號 舖, 1C-1K Water St, Sai Ying Pun -上环/中环 西環西營盤水街東利大廈地下H1號舖


Yat Chui Pavillion Dim Sum is popular with locals due to great value for money and taste that doesn’t disappoint.

Yat Chui Pavillion Dim Sum 逸翠轩点心专门店
Av. per person spend 69HKD
Address: 61 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East 尖东/红磡 尖沙咀东部麽地道61号冠华中心地下G11-G12铺


Dim Sum Specialist offers very traditional Dim Sum, that’s delicious and great value.

Dim Sum Specialist 喜點點心專門店
Av. per person spend 43HKD
Address: 121 Parkes St, Yau Ma Tei 旺角/油麻地 九龙佐敦白加士街121号地下


Kung Fu Dim Sum has numerous stores across the city, the one at Yau Ma Tei is convenient. Good taste and fair price with English menu.

Kung Fu Dim Sum 功夫点心 分店
Av. per person spend 96HKD
Address:  Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei 油麻地 砵蘭街10-16號宜發大廈地下B&C舖


Canton’s Dim Sum Expert has a few stores, the TST branch is convenient for transport.

Canton’s Dim Sum Expert 粤厨点心专门店
Av. per person spend 110HKD
Address: 11 Humphreys Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 堪富利士道11号地下及1楼


Kam Fai Dim Sum Restaurant is a very traditional, small, dim sum shop with a menu only in Chinese and no pics. So take a local friend or use the picture guide further down the page. Great Value.

Kam Fai Dim Sum Restaurant 金辉点心茶餐厅
Av. per person spend 70HKD
Address: G/F, 49 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai 湾仔/铜锣湾 春园街49号地下铺


King’s DimSum has an English menu and is more than fairly priced at between 20-49HKD per plate

King’s DimSum 優點 點心專門店
Av. per person spend 70HKD
Address: Siki Centre, 23 Jardine’s Bazaar, East Point 香港特別行政區灣仔區渣甸街


Heart to Heart Dim Sum is another low key spot that’s popular with locals due to the great value. Menu has English.

Heart to Heart Dim Sum 點點心思
Av. per person spend 55HKD
Address: 219 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai 湾仔/铜锣湾 轩尼诗道219号地铺


Dim Sum Map

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

East Point, Hong Kong

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

8 Humphreys Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

油麻地 砵蘭街10-16號宜發大廈地下B&C舖

Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

61 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong

Tung Lee Mansion, 1C-1K Water St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong



Bowrington, Hong Kong

Jordan, Hong Kong

Prince Edward, Playing Field Rd, 15號, Kenwood Mansion, 號 號 地舖 1-2 號


Dim Sum Menu Guide

Here are some photos of dim sum menus in HK. Click image for larger pics.





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