Hong Kong Food Tour with Mark Weins

Mark Weins is one of my favorite food travel vloggers and here is a collection of his videos from his world food tour when he visited Hong Kong. In these videos, he covers some of Hong Kongs best local offerings including dim sum, noodles, roast goose, wonton and more at HK’s Cha Chaan Tengs and Dai Pongs.

You can also visit his site for the full details on his food journey through Hong Kong including his picks for the top restaurants, see https://migrationology.com/travel-guides/hong-kong/ where there is also a downloadable guide for your journey.

Watch these videos and you’ll get a superb intro to local foods and the areas you’ll most definitely be wanting to explore on your trip to Hong Kong.


Video: Dim Sum and Curry Brisket Noodles — Amazing Hong Kong Food and Attractions!


Video: Incredible Crispy Roast Goose and Claypot Rice in Hong Kong — HK Travel Food Guide!


Video: Hong Kong Food Tour – Breakfast, Bamboo Noodles Won Ton, and Chinese Dai Pai Dong Feast!


Video: Hong Kong Street Food Tour — Roasted Meat and Amazing Dai Pai Dong Experience!


Video: One of The Best Seafood Restaurants in Hong Kong at Aberdeen Fish Market



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