Noah’s Ark Hong Kong

Noah’s Ark Hong Kong is a full-size replica of the fabled Noah’s Ark located right in Hong Kong on Ma Wan Island. Not only an iconic landmark the park offers visitors an eco-experience and nature-based educational experience.

Features at the park

  • Ark Garden – 67 pairs of life-sized animal sculptures
  • Ark Expo – an eco-based multimedia experience including a wide-screen theatre plus educational displays
  • Solar Tower – visitors can view activity on the surface of the sun in real-time through a 350mm diameter vacuum telescope
  • Treasure House – featuring educational and interactive games for kids
  • Ark Life Education House – educational games
  • Noah’s Adventureland – featuring the Giant Swing, 3D Giant Ladder and other climbing games
  • Noah’s Ark Hotel & Resort – offers accommodation and dining
  • Solar Tower Camp – accommodation
  • Nature Garden (Ma Wan Park) – featuring native plant life and a heritage centre

Wikipedia Says


The park’s centrepiece is the world’s first full-size simulation of Noah’s Ark. Alighting from the ark are sculptures of 67 life-size pairs of exotic animals, birds and creatures. The ark is, in fact, a multi-storey building where visitors may book a stay in either a hotel or a youth hostel located on the top floor.

Within the park is a nature garden alongside the existing natural landscape, where native trees have been preserved along the terraced paths. The park features amusements designed for young children together with a menagerie of small animals (mostly reptiles) in small display cages. There is also an obstacle course, climbing, and outward bound type courses.


Inside Noah’s Ark the main attraction is a multimedia experience, including a 180-degree wide-screen theatre. The multimedia experience begins with an introduction to Judeo-Christian teaching from the time of Moses and features an imagined ‘reconstruction’ of the Holy of Holies complete with the Ark of the Covenant. There are guides who lead the audience through a series of theatres and galleries designed to convey messages about the challenges that the Earth and humanity are facing today.
The suggested solution to said problems is an acceptance of the Christian God and Biblical teaching. The multimedia experience concludes with a history of the Bible with emphasis on the dissemination of the Bible in China. Elsewhere within the park visitors are likely to come across staff playing the role of the Holy Family being pursued by others dressed as Roman legionaries.

Source: Wikipedia


33 Pak Yan Rd, Ma Wan, Hong Kong

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