Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Hong Kong Observation Wheel is located on the Central Harbourfront offering iconic views from its 42 luxury gondolas. The wheel height is 60 meters allowing for really special views over the harbour and of the HK skyline. It is one of the best value attractions in Hong Kong with the ride lasting for 15 minutes. Hong Kong Observation Wheel is open from 11.00 to 23.00, Monday to Sunday.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel Fares
Adults $20
Children (aged 3-11 years), Seniors, Visitors with Disabilities $10
Children (under 3 years) FREE
Private Gondola $160

The wheel is located in AIA Vitality Park which also features a classic Carousel, ice cream stand and juice/snack bar.


Wikipedia Says


In May 2013 the Lands Department of Hong Kong leased 9,620 square metres of land between Central Pier No. 9 and Pier No. 10. for the attraction. It is situated on the Central and Wan Chai Reclamation overlooking Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. 90% of the site surrounding the wheel is accessible to the public with food and beverages available for purchase. Also, live entertainments are held at the event plaza throughout the year, which is suitable for all ages.The wheel is designed to suit Hong Kong’s climate and weather. It is built within the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and TUV standards.

The wheel has had two owners. The previous owner was Swiss AEX and the current owner is The Entertainment Corporation Limited (TECL). In 2014, Swiss AEX expected 1 million riders per annum which is approximately aimed at an average of 2,740 passengers daily. After the ownership transfer in 2017, TECL announced that they have achieved 1 million riders in less than 7 months since the opening.


The Ferris wheel was first presented by Swiss AEX, a company who claims their experience in Ferris wheel operations for more than a decade in their proposal contract. Swiss AEX had partnered with Hong Kong Telecom (HKT).

In 2017, the government awarded the second term of operating contract to The Entertainment Corporation Limited (TECL) which was set to commence in September 2017. TECL then issued a statement saying it will “offer a substantially lower ticket price per ride”. The wheel closed to the public in August, when the dispute over transfer of its ownership resulted in a deadlock between the original and new operators.

The Secretary for Development stated the wheel could be dismantled and closed for 2 years until a replacement is built by TECL. Swiss AEX, the former owner of the wheel, described the company “with no experience of operating observation wheels whatsoever”. On 6 September 2017, a deal was struck between TECL & Swiss AEX which saved the wheel from demolition.

In November 2017, TECL announced that the wheel will be re-opened to public on 20 December 2017 as part of the new AIA Vitality Park, with a range of health and wellness-related events, attractions and activities organised nearby.


The government’s decision to build a Ferris wheel here was controversial.

Some questioned the necessity of building such a tourist attraction, considering it seemed useless since the view is easily affected by varying weather conditions. The chairman of the Harbourfront Commission, Nicholas Brooke, showed support of this development project in the interview. However, the Harbourfront Commission has no executive power so the controversy continues.

Apart from that, although the contract to operate this sightseeing spot was awarded in 2013, the project was delayed several times. There were many complaints from the public about the lack of promotion and information.

Security has also been controversial after the release of a photo taken by one daredevil climber showing himself sitting on the top of the wheel. This picture was taken down before the opening day of the wheel to the public. It has brought the security concerns of wheel into the limelight.

Source: Wikipedia


Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Central, Hong Kong

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