Police Museum

The Police Museum (CN: 警隊博物館) offers visitors an insight into the history of crimefighting in Hong Kong since establishment in 1844. The museum is located in the former Wan Chai Gap Police Station and features five galleries and over 1000 exhibits.


The museum is open from Wednesdays to Sundays: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m and Tuesdays: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.


  • Wan Chai Gap Road – scenic road with natural views
  • Wan Chai Gap Park



The Police Museum was forerun by the Police Historical Records Committee which formed in 1964. The Committee collected a significant number of artifacts relating to the history of the Hong Kong Police Force and proposed the foundation of a museum to display them.

The Police Museum was originally housed in Police Headquarters; it was started in a limited form in 1976 and later moved to Tai Sang Commercial Building in Wan Chai, and moved to the former Wan Chai Gap Police Station in 1988.

The Tai Po field gun
The field gun is displayed at the entrance. It had guarded over the Old Tai Po Police Station for 45 years.


There are five galleries in the Police Museum.

Orientation gallery
This gallery describes the general history of the Hong Kong Police Force through historical photographs, historical archives, uniforms, equipment, firearms and other artifacts. Significant exhibits includes the head of the ‘Sheung Shui Tiger’ which was shot in 1915 after killing a policeman. The old Luk Yee or Green Coat uniform of Chinese constables, The donation of memorabilia from the widow of a former Commissioner of Police, Mr. Duncan Macintosh, a ‘Plague Medal’ of 1894 and examples of various counterfeit banknotes are also displayed in this gallery.

Narcotics gallery
The gallery describes the narcotic problem in Hong Kong with the display of replica drugs, drug smoking and trafficking paraphernalia. There is an example of a heroin manufacturing laboratory.

Triad Societies gallery
The gallery reviews the history of local Triad Societies, the scope of their activities and the beliefs and rituals that have been known to be practised by the members.

Current exhibition gallery
The gallery is a thematic exhibition gallery with displays being changed from time to time.


27號 Coombe Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong

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