OM-International Ltd.

Our success for the past 50 years has been based exclusively on our pearl selection and grading criteria. We bring out the best in our pearls and that shows in our clients’ satisfaction, may that be in a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a ring. More often than not, we have succeeded in matching the right pearls for our clients, the art of matching a pearl with a personality.

Since our early days, the principle behind our pearls has always been one of pure and sincere customer service. OM-International Ltd. has always privileged the principle of welcoming our first-time clients like friends and family. True guests to our wide universe of pearls. We are pleased to mention that none of our first time clients remain a first time client. We always welcome them back. We are proud to have third generation clients who still feel at home when visiting our offices.

All of us, at OM-International Ltd., promote the passion for pearls. We still follow this tradition at this day and age. We think it is a good one. Our sales directors Francis and Margaret are a true presence to this principle. We’ve been at it since 1962!!!

Address:2 Carnarvon Road, Carnarvon Building • Suite 9B • 9th Floor • Kowloon Hong-Kong  China


Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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