Flower Market & Bird Market

The Flower Market is a wonderful place early in the morning when the streets are quiet and all you can smell is the amazing scents of all the beautiful flowers being put out for display.

The market is a grouping of shops that run along Flower Market Road and Prince Edward Road West from Sai Yee Street to Yuen Po Street.

You can also buy some nursery and gardening lines here too.

Nearby is the Bird Market and Yuen Po Street Bird Garden which is a small Chinese style garden where you’ll find many locals bringing their birds and hanging the cages around the trees. This is a curious part of Chinese culture that dates back to the Qing Dynasty where people take their pet birds back out into nature, much like taking a dog for a walk. For the birds, it’s a social event, and they tweet away sweet tunes to birds who fly into the trees for some tweeting time. Yes, it’s all far too cute.

You can also buy birds and cages etc here. The Bird Market and Garden is on Yuen Po Street which connects with Flower Market Road.

There are no entry fees to either. You can spend 30 mins exploring here taking in the aroma, colors, and sounds, and walk onwards to Tung Choi Street and the Goldfish Market and Fa Yuen Street market.

Address: Flower Market Road and Yuen Po Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon

Getting There: Take the MTR to Prince Edward Station, exit B1 and walk straight ahead along Prince Edward Road West for a few mins until Sai Yee St, turn left and then right onto Flower Market Road.


Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, 澳門 Macau, People's Republic of China

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