Goldfish Market

The Goldfish Market is a section of Tung Choi Street where most all of the stores are offering aquarium products and lots and lots of Goldfish along with other popular species for aquariums.

While I can’t imagine anyone visiting Hong Kong wanting to take a goldfish home, aquarium fans will probably really dig the area. From a cultural perspective, it’s kinda interesting too. According to Feng Shui, a fish represents wealth and prosperity, with the Mandarin characters for fish and water being associated with wealth and abundance.

There are several pet stores near to the Mong Kok Road intersection too.

There are also several Tea Restaurants along here. Suggested picks are Red Tea Cafe, Kuen Kee Noodle, Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery, Man Wah Restaurant, and Tai Hing.

Tung Choi Street is really long and the aquarium and pet stores end at the Mong Kok Road intersection. At the southern end of Tung Choi Street it becomes Ladies Market.


Getting There: take the MTR to Prince Edward Station, Exit B2. Walk east along Prince Edward Road West and then Tung Choi St has a weird little zig zag. Basically, the aquarium stores begin at the cnr of Nullah Road and Tung Choi St extending to the Mong Kok Road intersection.


Mong Kok, 九龍 Kowloon, People's Republic of China

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