Fa Yuen Sneakers Street and Factory Outlets – Mong Kok

Fa Yuen Street is a long long street with many sections, at the northern end you can find Fa Yuen Street Market which is similar to Ladies Market while at the southern end from Argyle Street to Soy Street you can find one of the worlds largest gatherings of sneaker and sports shoe stores.

There are 100s of stores! Any type of sports shoe, runners, sneakers, basketball shoes etc etc, they are all here. Think of a brand name, it will be here.

Contrary to some misinformation on the internet (who knew that could happen?) you do not need to book a visit. Fa Yuen Street is just a normal everyday street with normal everyday stores, bar the fact that they all sell sports shoes and sporting gear. The street is open 24 hrs like any other and stores generally open from 10.30 to 10pm.

Official brand name stores/factory outlets on Fa Yuen Street

  • Vans – 11 Fa Yuen Street
  • Nike – cnr of Nelson & Fa Yuen and another at 19 Fa Yuen Street
  • Nike Kids and Nike On Air – The Forrest mall, cnr Nelson & Fa Yuen
  • Reebok – The Forrest mall, cnr Nelson & Fa Yuen
  • Puma – near cnr of Shantung and Fa Yuen
  • Adidas Football – G/F, 70 Fa Yuen St
  • Adidas – G/F, 71 & 73 Fa Yuen St
  • Adidas Mega Store – G/F TO 3/F, 21C & 23 Soy Street (off Fa Yuen)
  • Adidas Store and Adidas Originals Store – The Forrest mall, cnr Nelson & Fa Yuen
  • Converse – 62 Fa Yuen Street
  • New Balance – 56 Tung Choi Street (just off Fa Yuen)
  • Timberland (Partner Store) – 83 Fa Yuen st

In between all those are hundreds of stores selling every type of sports shoe imaginable. Replica/copy shoes out of Putian China are almost indistinguishable from originals so when shopping outside of the official stores you’ll need to be sure what you are paying for.


Nearby Sneakers Street (south Fa Yuen Street)

  • Forest Mall – outdoor and sports gear shopping mall with several eateries – cnr Nelson & Fa Yuen (last picture above)
  • Ladies Market – popular street market
  • Sai Yee Street Garden – nice escape from the hectic streets – cnr of Soy Street & Fa Yuen
  • Langham Place – large modern mall

Getting to Sneakers Street: take the MTR to Mong Kok Station and take exit D2 cross the road and go straight up Argyle street until you reach Fa Yuen then head south down Fa Yuen, you are now on Sneakers Street.


Mong Kok, 九龍 Kowloon, People's Republic of China

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