Ladies Market at Mong Kok

Located in the heart of bustling Mongkok District on Tung Choi Street (between Argyle Street and Dundas Street), Ladies Market is one of the most popular and famous tourist markets in the city.


Why is it is called Ladies Market? Settle boys and relax dear wives, it got its name from being an area where the hawkers mostly sold women’s clothes, fashion accessories and the like. It was officially recognized by the government in the mid-’70s as an area where hawkers could legally sell their goods and has grown, and grown, ever since.

The market stalls start setting up around 11 am but it’s in the cool of the night that most wheeling and dealing is done with the market staying open until around 11 pm.

You need to practice your bargain skills or just bring a friend who can speak fluent Cantonese with you, cause bargaining is a must in Ladies Market. All prices here are negotiable and if you make the sellers think you are a total foreigner who got off the plane yesterday, then you are done :).

There is an art to haggling, keep it as friendly banter, and while you’re never going to get the price a local does, you may be able to negotiate your way out of paying a ridiculous amount of tourist tax :).

The first given price will be ridiculously high, which, you can counter with a ridiculously low offer and expect to be frowned at or even given dirty looks. But it’s all part of the game, so keep smiling and enjoying the banter as you continue to work towards an agreeable amount. You may even need to walk away, only to be called back with your offer accepted. Remember to have fun, it’s all part of the market experience.

Once upon a time, copy products could be seen everywhere, from handbags to tee-shirts. Don’t be surprised that you can buy a Rolex which has seemingly no difference from a genuine one here at a very low price. They are really good at it! Over the years copy goods have been less and less as the market matures.

Nearby Ladies’ Market

Places to eat near Ladies Market

There are eateries everywhere, but here are three local favorites on Tung Choi Street


What can you get here: just about anything – lot’s women’s clothes and fashion accessories, some men’s clothes, handbags, backpacks, toys, jewelry, t-shirts, watches

Opening time: around 11am to 11pm.

Address: Tung Choi Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong (between Argyle Street and Dundas Street)

How to get there: MTR Mong Kok Station, exit D3

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