Jade Market & Jade Street

If you love Jade, then here is your shopping heaven. As the largest outdoor market in Kowloon, Jade market is a jewelry wholesale and retail area. The market houses more than 400 booths, selling various kinds of jade pendants, rings and other jewelry.

Most Jade is a green or lavender, as well as smooth and cooling ornamental stone, meaning propitious in traditional Chinese culture. You can always hear that a mother send a Jade jewelry to her son as a family heirloom, wishing him a happy life. When his son marries, then the jewelry would be given to his wife.


The pureness and intensity of color is the main criterion to judge the quality of jade. For example, brown or grey one is not good. Besides, the good translucency and texture is also very important. Remember don’t pay lots of money to buy the jade from an unknown vendor. The authentic store usually has a certificate to indicate the quality of the jade.

Even if don’t want to buy any jewelry, you can discover many traditional Chinese culture which you might not know here so a visit is still worthwhile. You can also find some Chinese fans, drawings, sword and art crafts here. Bargaining is necessary here, if you do well, you will find  you can always get what you want in half the original price.

What can you get there?  Jades of different shapes, shades and qualities, drawings, swords .

Prices: Need to bargain.

Open: 10am to 5pm

Website: none

How to Get there: MTR, Yau Ma Tei Station, Exit C.

Address: Kansu and Battery streets, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.

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