Where to Eat at Hong Kong Airport (and a super hot secret tip)

Here I am going to cover all the places to eat at Hong Kong Airport, before and after immigration plus lots of pics and menus, and my hot tip for where to eat.


After immigration (aka airside)

Most of the restaurants are concentrated in the Food Court on level 7. If you haven’t eaten so far and your past immigration, you should look for somewhere here before wandering to your terminal gate (time permitting!) or taking the Automated People Mover to gates 40-80 or the Midfield Concourse (gates 200-230). There are a couple of restaurants at Midfield and I’ll mention those further below.

At the Food Court, there is a wide range of eateries including Hong Kong style, western, Japanese and Korean. Prices here, as you’d expect, are generally high for what you get.

Here is a gallery of menus and shops (Jan 2020)

My pick for where to eat after immigration at Hong Kong Airport? Beef & Liberty – hearty tasty burgers and a range of meat and meat-free options including Impossible burger. It is pricey, with burgers starting at HK$109 but actually it’s on par with other boutique burger joints in HK. The environment is quite peaceful there too.

If you still haven’t eaten and you are at Midfield Concourse (gates 200-230) you’ll find a Bite Bite Line Friends cafe (western cafe), Ajisen Ramen, MX Cafe (Cantonese), and the Flight Deck Restaurant and Bar (western). Prices ranged from HK$60 and up.

Midfield gallery (Jan 2020)


Before immigration (aka landside)

Near the Check-in isles and before immigration you have options including McDonald’s, McCafe, Pret A Manger (British), Lime Garden (Thai Food), Maxims Jade Garden (Cantonese & Dim Sum), and Tsui Wah (Cantonese).

Landside restaurant gallery (Jan 2020)


My favorite place to eat at Hong Kong Airport? And what is my super-secret tip? Tsui Wah Cafe, before immigration, and look for the special sheets. They have a huge standard menu but you’ll also see a couple or more single sheets at the front door with specials. There is a reason why airport staff eat here, delicious and amazing specials.

Here is my usual, the Chef’s Special, and while simple, it’s amazingly delicious comforting food, perfect pre-flight (for me anyway), and awesome value, all for HK$53.

Tsui Wah Chefs special

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